Apps to Change Student Loan Repayment


Most school graduates in the US in 2021 are burdened with immense understudy loan obligations, that is, because the expense of school training is continually expanding, and only some people can bear to pay forthright in real money.

The central government and confidential banks offer various understudy loan reimbursement arrangements. However, borrowers may only know which ones will turn out best for them with a legitimate comprehension of their monetary circumstances.

Fortunately, various imaginative applications can assist borrowers with exploring their reimbursement choices and making arrangements to take care of their obligation as fast and productively as possible. In this article, we’ll examine the top applications that can assist you with reforming your understudy loan reimbursement conspire.

Understanding Student Loan Repayment

Student loans are financial obligations that are incurred by students who are enrolled in colleges and universities. Loans vary in interest rates, the amount of money borrowed and the repayment plan. Student loan repayment, therefore, means the process of repaying the money that was borrowed for one’s higher education.

The repayment of student loans usually begins after the borrower completes their studies or terminates their education. Typically, most lenders offer their borrowers six months grace period to get settled and begin repayment. This is where student loan repayment apps come into play.

What is Student Loan Repayment Apps?

Student loan repayment apps are innovative digital tools that help borrowers track their loan debt repayment plans. These apps offer numerous features, which include loan repayment calculators, budgeting tools, and personalized repayment assistance. 

Using a student loan repayment app, borrowers can access vital information on their student loans, track their payment history, and make informed decisions on repayment strategies. The best apps help users to save money on their student loans by making it easy to make extra payments and optimize their monthly payments.

Top Student Loan Repayment Apps in 2023

1. Digit

Digit is an app aiming to fully automate student loan repayments, helping you save time and money. With this app, you can automatically move small sums of money you won’t even miss from your checking account to a Digit account and then make a payment without disrupting your cash flow. Another fantastic feature is that Digit gives you a 1% yearly bonus on the balance you maintain with it.

2. Student Loan Hero

This free app has numerous calculators to help you determine your student loan repayment options. It can also help you find other ways to save money on your loans, such as refinancing or getting a debt consolidation loan. Moreover, Student Loan Hero offers eligible borrowers refinancing rates as low as 2.46% (with autopay) on their student loan debt, saving many thousands of dollars over the life of loan repayment.

3. Loan Buddy

LoanBuddy is a repayment analyzer that provides users with a detailed analysis of their student loan repayment options. It boasts an easy user interface and a range of features, including personalized payment plans customized to individual borrowers’ needs. Another valuable feature of this app is the personalized consolidation advice on whether or not to take out a private debt consolidation loan or one loan with the Department of Education.

4. ChangEd

ChangEd is an artificial intelligence-based student loan repayment app that rounds up your spare change from everyday transactions and automatically pays your loans. The app links to your banking information and analyzes your spending patterns, slowly moving small sums of money to your savings account, which will later be used to repay your student loans. This app’s unique features make it easy to repay your loans quickly while minimizing the impact of large monthly payments.

5. Earnest

Earnest is a lender that offers borrowers an advanced student loan repayment plan option, which includes deferment, forbearance, or interest-only payments when needed. Their “Earnest Precision Pricing” allows borrowers to choose various repayment plans based on their individual needs and also allows them to adjust their payment dates up to 9 times in their loan repayment tenure.

Features of the Best Student Loan Repayment Apps

There are certain qualities that the best student loan repayment apps all share. These include a well-designed user interface, advanced loan repayment calculators, personalized repayment options, and reports that help borrowers track their progress toward repayment. 

Additionally, the best repayment apps should have multiple payment options, including the ability to round up purchases and make automatic payments. Good apps should also offer assistance with refinancing and debt consolidation options.

Choosing the Right Student Loan Repayment App

When choosing a student loan repayment app, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. The app should be user-friendly, with a simple interface and easy navigation.
  2. You must check that the app is employed reliable data sources and accurate data analytics.
  3. You want the app to offer you a range of options for managing your payments, including the ability to make early or extra payments and setting reminders for payment dates.

Advantages of Student Loan Repayment Apps

The advantages of student loan repayment apps are numerous:

  1. They help you save money by optimizing and automating your payments.
  2. It licenses you to fathom your repayment decisions by giving an extent of small-scale PCs and gadgets to help you sort out which decisions are brutish.
  3. Repayment apps allow you to track your repayment progress, ensuring you stay on track and motivated to make timely payments.

Disadvantages of Student Loan Repayment Apps

Nothing is perfect, and repayment apps are no exception. The disadvantages of student loan repayment apps include the reliance on technology and apps of this nature going out of business or becoming obsolete over time. Also, as with any financial service, many trustworthy, reliable apps require payment or other fees to access premium features.


Q: Can repayment apps help me reduce my monthly payments?

A: Many repayment apps have calculators that help you analyze repayment options and choose a plan that reduces monthly payments.

Q: What kind of student loans do these apps work with?

A: Many student loan repayment apps, including federal and private loans, work with any student loan.

Q: Are repayment apps secure?

A: The best student loan repayment apps are secure and comply with privacy laws.

Q: Can I use more than one student loan repayment app?

A: Yes, as long as they are not duplicates of each other, you can use multiple student loan repayment apps that focus on different things.

Q: Are student loan repayment apps available outside of the United States?

A: Some apps are only available in the US; however, many countries have various payment assistance programs and mobile apps to help students manage their loan repayment.


Student loans can be intimidating and overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Using innovative student loan repayment apps, borrowers can quickly and effortlessly navigate the repayment process and get out of debt faster. 

With features such as optimized payments, calculators, and personalized repayment options, these apps can revolutionize your repayment plan, making it easier to manage your debt and get back to enjoying life.


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