The VU Block Model International Scholarship at Victoria University, Australia

Description: The VU Block Model® International Scholarship is designed to assist incoming international students who are starting eligible programs at Victoria University (VU) Melbourne in the year 2024. This scholarship is granted based on academic merit and serves as a recognition of outstanding academic accomplishments, with the aim of facilitating sustained academic success throughout the recipient’s educational journey.

Eligibility: All new international students commencing a foundation, higher education diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) course with VU Melbourne in 2024 are eligible for the scholarship*. You must also meet the course entry requirements.


To be eligible to continue receiving the scholarship in subsequent years, you will need to complete 96 credit points each year and achieve the following WAM:

  • 50% WAM: 10% scholarship
  • 70% WAM: 20% scholarship
  • 80% WAM: 30% scholarship

* English (ELICOS), Vocational Education and Training (VET) and research courses are not included in the scholarship. Sponsored students are not eligible for the scholarship.

Application Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.

How to Apply: Upon applying for an eligible course, you will undergo an automatic assessment for this scholarship.


More details on the University website


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