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Starting a business as a woman in Nigeria can be challenging but rewarding if you have the right business idea. Nigeria is a fast-growing economy with a wealth of natural resources, and women entrepreneurs are making significant contributions to the country’s GDP. However, women in Nigeria face barriers, including cultural beliefs and a lack of access to finance and education.

This article explores ten lucrative business ideas. Nigerian women can consider kickstarting their entrepreneurial journey. These business ideas are based on trends in the Nigerian market, and women entrepreneurs have proved their success.

1. Event planning and management

Event planning and management are popular business ideas in Nigeria, and women have excelled in this area. Nigerian women are known for their creativity when organizing events, and this skill can be turned into a profitable business.

With the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry, there is a high demand for event planners and managers. Women can offer services such as wedding, conference, and party planning, among other benefits. This business requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail to provide a memorable experience for clients.

2. Fashion design

Nigerian women are fashion-conscious, and the Nigerian fashion industry is growing exponentially. The diverse fashion industry and women entrepreneurs can find their niche in designing and creating bespoke outfits or selling ready-to-wear pieces.

With social media, Nigerian fashion designers can reach a global audience and promote their business, increasing sales and revenue. Women can also consider adding accessory designs to their line, such as bags, shoes, and jewelry.

3. Catering services

– Food is a basic need, and Nigerians love to eat. Catering services are in high demand, and this business idea can be an excellent opportunity for women entrepreneurs passionate about cooking.

The catering business ranges from home-based services to full-scale catering for events and corporate functions. Women entrepreneurs can offer traditional Nigerian dishes, international cuisine, and healthy meal plans. This business requires good cooking skills, food safety knowledge, and excellent customer service.

4. Agricultural farming

The agricultural sector is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, and women entrepreneurs can significantly contribute to this sector. Women can invest in crop production, poultry farming, fish farming, and other agricultural ventures.

Nigeria has a comparative advantage in agricultural production, and women can leverage this to create a profitable business. This business requires knowledge of agriculture, access to land, and financing.

5. Beauty and wellness

The beauty and wellness industry is booming in Nigeria, and women entrepreneurs can take advantage of this. Women can offer spa treatments, hairdressing, makeup artistry, and skincare services.

With increased health consciousness, women can also consider offering services that promote healthy living, such as fitness training and nutrition coaching. This business requires creativity, beauty industry knowledge, and excellent customer service.

6. Education and training

Education is essential in Nigeria, and women entrepreneurs can provide educational services that cater to different age groups. Women can provide private tutoring services, coaching for academic exams, and vocational training.

Women can also provide training in technology, such as coding and digital marketing, to prepare the youth for the future job market. This business requires knowledge of education and training, access to learning resources, and good interpersonal skills.

7. E-commerce

E-commerce is a growing industry in Nigeria, and women entrepreneurs can set up online stores to sell products and services. Women can offer traditional Nigerian products, such as fabrics, handicrafts, and international developments.

With the rise of digital payments, women can also provide payment processing services to other online businesses. This business requires knowledge of e-commerce, access to the internet, and good marketing skills.

8. Laundry services

Laundry services are necessary; women can establish this business to cater to busy clients who need their clothes cleaned and ironed. This business requires good laundry skills and knowledge of fabric care.

Women can offer pick-up and delivery services and specialized services such as dry cleaning and stain removal. This business can be operated from home, making it convenient for women with other responsibilities.

9. Interior design

Interior design is a lucrative business in Nigeria, and women can tap into this industry by providing design services. Women can offer space planning, furniture selection, and décor.

This business requires creativity, knowledge of design principles, and good communication skills. Women can also provide consultancy services to real estate developers and hospitality businesses.

10. Transportation services

Transportation is essential in Nigeria, and women can provide transportation services such as taxis and car hire. Women can offer female-only services or luxury services to cater to different markets.

This business requires good driving skills, vehicle maintenance knowledge, and excellent customer service. Women can leverage technology to provide digital bookings and payment options.


Starting a business as a woman in Nigeria requires determination, hard work, and a viable business idea. The ten lucrative business ideas discussed in this article can help Nigerian women kickstart their entrepreneurial journey and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Women entrepreneurs must proactively seek opportunities, access finance, and leverage technology to promote their businesses. Successful women entrepreneurs in Nigeria can inspire others and break gender stereotypes, paving the way for future generations of women to start and grow their businesses.


1. How do I access to finance to start my business in Nigeria?

Answer: Women entrepreneurs can access finance through government-backed schemes, microfinance institutions, and commercial banks. It is necessary to have a viable business plan and collateral to secure financing.

2. Can I start a business from home in Nigeria?

Answer: Women entrepreneurs can start a home-based business in Nigeria, such as catering, laundry services, and e-commerce.

3. Do I need a formal education to start a business in Nigeria?

Answer: Formal education is optional for starting a business in Nigeria. However, knowledge of the business idea is essential, and women can acquire this through training and networking.

4. Can I run a successful business in Nigeria as a foreigner?

Answer: Foreigners can start and run a business in Nigeria but must obtain the necessary permits and comply with Nigerian regulations.

5. How do I promote my business in Nigeria?

Answer: Women entrepreneurs can promote their businesses in Nigeria by leveraging social media, attending business networking events, and partnering with complementary businesses.

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