Yemi Alade apologises for her ‘trouble causing’ Tweet about women who edit photos of their butts to look big for social media.

On Friday morning, Yemi Alade took to social media to call out women who edit their photos to make their behinds look good for the gram.

She wrote, ‘stop increasing your ynash in your pictures! You know you are straight like “I” embrace your real self ! Ahh ahh. Deceiving fans up and down’.

The tweet immediately went viral with many women accusing the singer of body shaming them. Now she’s been forced to retract and apologise for the tweet with these words ;

‘guys I am not here to defend myself. If my last tweet was offensive in anyway, to my fellow females and guyz i apologise. I am sincerely sorry. I just want us to appreciate ourselves more tin, tall, fat, short. With or without Nyash, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL’.