Ways to make money online

1. Topnews

        If asked one of the most legit means of maximizing profit off the social media, I would recommend  any day anytime. You only need an active facebook account and a bank account to kick start your earning process. It’s just as simple as that. You can even sign up right now for free and get paid even without a single referral. Join Topnews today, you will never regret you did. And you can also join Atpays.

2. Website Design And Development

        Website design and development is one of the fresh online business ideas in Nigeria currently.

         Websites are essential for businesses either big or small because useful websites allow businessmen and businesswomen to reach their millions of Nigerians online, which can quickly turn them into customers and increase their sales. 

        Currently, we have millions of SMEs, private, international companies in Nigeria; only a few have websites; others still need useful websites to reach online users and also make sales online.

       Website design and development is a very profitable online business; you need to undergo the necessary training that is required to become a professional website designer and developer.

       An average website designer and developer makes over one million nairas monthly, depending on how you market yourself.

3. Affiliate Marketing

       Affiliate marketing is one of the untapped and profitable online business ideas in Nigeria currently because you don’t need to invest your money in creating or producing any product.

      Affiliate marketing is just about advertising other people products or services and then get an agreed commission after making sales.


 4. Sell Your Digital Product

        One of the best and most profitable online business ideas in Nigeria is selling your digital products. 

           You can create an ebook on a specific topic that will help people, for instance, “How To Import Car From Japan To Nigeria Without Nigerian Custom Service Problem”, and then sell it to the right people that need it, let assume you sell each ebook for #5,000. You can make 100 sales, that is #5,000 × 100 = #500,000.


Within a short period, you can make up to #500,000 from an ebook that you write without spending a dime.

5. Become A Vlogging Or YouTuber

        Vlogging is just like blogging. The difference between blogging and vlogging is that blogging deals with writing and use writing to educate people while vlogging deals with video and educate people with it.

        You can create a youtube channel for free, and grow your audience and then monetize it with Google AdSense or sell your products on the circuit.


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