vivo lets people touch – but not see – its button-less, port-less APEX 2019

The first vivo APEX brought us the Find X and its pop-up camera. The new model is coming on January 24 and some people have already touched it as part of an official teaser campaign by vivo.

Unfortunately, the phone was kept in a black box, so no one has seen it yet. Fortunately, people described what it felt like – people say it feels like “pebbles” or “metal soap” and were surprised that they didn’t feel any buttons or holes.

“Metal soap” sounds right, check out the teaser image below. The phone is also known as “The Waterdrop” and early renders show hint at a completely smooth exterior.

It looks like vivo is set to finish what Apple started – iPhones dropped the hardware Home button and the 3.5mm jack, the vivo APEX 2019 will drop all the other buttons and ports.

This means going all-in on wireless charging, wireless data transfer and the capacitive touch controls (except, perhaps, an in-display fingerprint reader).

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