Things you should avoid saying to your children

Parents who unintentionally say hurtful words to their children do not really wish them bad. They say such words to appeal to common sense when kids behave aggressively, acquire disastrous habits, or become reserved. How can family members maintain harmony and friendly relations with one another? the first thing parents should do is to learn taboo words and phrases that they can never say to their children.

1. In my house… !

That is not good to say to your child because the house you all live in, belongs to all members of the family including children. This awful expression can push teenagers into believing that they don’t have a home where they can be themselves and feel safe.

2. I don’t care what you want!

This kind of words sounds so awful. You are telling your kids they are not important and and are not needed by using such phrase. The moment the word is uttered, it sticks in their subconscious mind and that is what they hold on to thinking their parents don’t care about their needs and wants

3. Do it now!

That is an order and such an order will immediately cause an opposite reaction. When you use such phrase, you are indirectly saying that you don’t care what other things your son or daughter has to do or that you don’t respect their opinion. Never use a comand phrase on your children, calm them down and let them know while it is important for the stuff to be done immediately.

4. I don’t care why!

This phrase can make teenager turn wild. It can trigger a wild behavior that will make the child to stop listening and retreat into their shells. Caring tone is better to be used to ask your son or daughter why things happened this way and not otherwise.

5. You are not grown enough to make your own decisions!

Don’t make your child feel less responsible for his/her actions when you keep using the above sentence. The more often you use such phrase the less responsibility they will feel for their actions. Trust your children more and raise them to be more responsible for whatever they do or say and allow them make some decisions on their own.

6. You do not have the right to talk to me like that!

Please always engage in a calm dialogue with your children instead of telling them they have no right. As an adult you are responsible for a peacefull dialogue and not the other way round.

7. Because I said so!

Your opinion will be better welcomed if you don’t comand them or use harsh words on them why trying to make a point. Engage them in an educative arguments and they will give their ears to you.

8. You can’t have it all

Kids don’t know it all and some of the things we say to them are being stored in their subconscious mind. Don’t make them think they have no opportunity in life.

9. I told you so.

This phrase might make a minor think that they have failed in life. Yes, parent will of course want to protect their children but when the mistake is already done, never use the word ” I told you” because no one is above mistake. They will definitely learn from a mistake already committed.

10. You are not allowed to do this!

Please don’t forbid your children from doing something because it will definitely make them go against your wish someday. Even when their behaviour is nothing to write home about, the problem can never be fixed with prohibition because this will make the situation worsen. Talk to them calmly and then explain to them why it is bad to do a certain thing. This will help you achieve whatever you wish even if it is a strict measure.

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