See the mistake every good looking guy makes

Gentlemen, you all are good looking, that’s an undisputable fact but sometimes even Good looking guys make some really stupid mistakes when it comes to style and fashion. But today that’s about to change, Am going over Six Style mistakes that Even Good looking guys like you still make!

First of all we’ll have to help each other out, I’ll help you give a dead Punch to those style mistakes and you’ll help me click on that follow and Share button! You got it? Sure you do.

Let’s begin!
1. Full pockets
There you are looking cool as hell in your slim fit jeans, walking with confidence around town and giving the ladies your sexy wink, but unfortunately there’s a little problem, Your pockets are too full! With your wallet, phone and stuffs like that. The thing about slim fit jeans is that when you put so much stuff in them, they tend to look too bulky and that’s not really attractive.

SOLUTION; Get a small cross bag to put your stuff or buy a smaller wallet.

2. Jacket cuff covering watch

This usually happens when you wear a long sleeve jacket alongside your expensive watch, the cuff of the jacket covers up your watch leaving your wrist area bulky and unfashionable.

SOLUTION; Fold the cuff in two.

3. Fat Tie
Who the fuck still wears this?

Surprisingly, many good looking guys do! I see it everyday, After wearing a very classic suit and a dope leather shoe, They’ll now Wear one of those big fat ties that covers the middle line of their shirt making them look like Nigerian politicians of the Eighties! It’s not cool bro, only old people are allowed to wear those!

SOLUTION; Buy Smaller Ties!

4. Socks on jeans
Apart from casual days and indoor wears. This is definitely not allowed; Wearing a jeans trousers and a sock, and although some Nigeria celebrities have been able to make it a trending style, Most times it could really look unstylish and awkward on normal everyday people.

SOLUTION; Don’t do it🚫

5. Low waist

Okay guys, I know many of you might disagree with me on this, (it’s okay, you can tell me about it in the comment section) but mehn….this is bullshit! Why would you keep your jeans below your waist, It’s not funny, it makes you look irresponsible. And looking like irresponsible isn’t stylish, at all!

SOLUTION; Wear belts! Naira Marley is not your father!
6. Too much accessories

In my opinion accessories are amazing, a simple bead or bracelet alongside your watch, maybe a neck chain, but sometimes some dudes wear too many and it’s not really fresh. It makes them look look like they want everybody’s attention to be on them.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information,it really helps to keep someone updated Topnews is great and nice.I hope your members grow wide in the future.I really appreciate your effort to create this site,this is one the best news site.

  2. I really enjoy your article especially the part that involves wearing your jeans below your waist, I already know that it is not right at all jeans should be worn above the waist not below thanks for the article and update

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