Sanitary Pads: Dangers of using tampons – Gifty Powers – Vanguard News

By Rotimi Agbana

Former Big Brother Naija star, Gifty Brian Ajumobi, fondly known as Gifty Powers, may not be a certified medical practitioner but she seems to know what is good for the women folk when it comes to caring for themselves during their monthly cycle.

According to the mother of one who never fails to share her opinion on sensitive matters whenever the opportunity arises, using tampons during menstruation, instead of the regular sanitary pads could be extremely harmful, and she explained why women must stop using it.

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“People using tampons should stop it immediately; it’s risky because the remaining thread might enter your Vagina while dancing, exercising or doing any other activity. Remember that as you move, your both laps move and thread shifts along. Yes, it’s classy wearing and talking about it with your fellow girls but think about your life first. Sanitary pads are the best”, she stated.