Nigerian widow mourns as her husband and mother are laid to rest

A University of Nigeria Nsukka graduate, Anajama Chikwulu Christabel Alor, on Sunday, June 16, posted photos of herself thanking God for the successful burial ceremony of her husband and her mother in Anambra.

“Thank God for the successful burial of my Hubby and my mum,may the Lords name be honoured.” she wrote.

In the obituary of her late husband she had shared last month, she vowed that his alleged killers’ lives will be wasted same way they wasted Raphael.

“Hubby,so sad to believe you have gone.As the preparation is going on,it looks as it is becoming real,i am still in dilemma,buy wicked people will never go unpunished,as they wasted your life,so shall their life’s be wasted,rest in the bosom of the Lord till we met again.Still crying.”