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If you have any questions about topnews, including how it works and other topics, we encourage you to read our frequently asked questions section.

Topnews is Nigeria’s leading online content publication platform, providing professional insight into the newest trends.

Anyone, anywhere can sign up for a account and immediately begin earning or mining coins on a daily basis.

Registration on TopNews is Free. You will receive 200 Point as Sign up Bonus when you register

No, we do not allow such and if caught your account will be suspended without warning.

Three of the best daily coin-earning strategies are:

1. Refer New Members To Topnews Daily

After you register, go to your profile and copy your referral code, then post it on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. When someone visits topnews using your link and registers successfully will receive coins. It would be best if you did this without spamming

2. Share More Content To Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter

If you share a post and only receive one coin, but your friend reads it, you can earn up to five coins for each piece of content your friends or follower reads, making this one of the best ways to earn coins on topnews.

3. When someone Reads those Shared Content (best)

Don’t just share anything; pick posts you think your followers will enjoy reading the most. Guess what? You also benefit when your friends read that post. The best part is that you can keep making money every day if someone reads the previously shared content.

That could be because your friend did not click on your referral link or because they have cookies turned off in their browser.


You can withdraw all your accumulated point once you reach the minimum threshold.

Once logged in, members who meet the withdrawal criteria can submit their request on the Coin/Redeem Page.

The estimated earnings that you see in your Dashboard are estimates of your recent account activity. These earnings aren’t finalized until when you request for withdrawing and this won’t necessarily reflect the amount you’ll ultimately be paid.

Please Note: We reserve the right to adjust your estimated earning for any invalid shared articles, spam or invalid comments, or any other activities that go against TopNews Rules.

To access your profile, either click here (Account Profile) or navigate to the “ACCOUNT” page. Continue scrolling down to obtain your referral link, which you can then copy and promote via social media. If your friend decides to sign up, you’ll both benefit. Please keep in mind that joining topnews does not cost anything.

We earn revenue through our custom advertising system, Sponsored Blog Posts, Google AdSense, Get Paid to Write Reviews, etc

Only if you try to trick our system by making multiple accounts will you risk not getting paid. You can rest assured, however, that you will be compensated once you have complied with all of our requirements.

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