Fans want to see me in the p0rn industry – Moyo Lawal

Meanwhile, I don’t understand all you people asking me to join the porn industry and only fans,” Moyo Lawal blurted in a recent Instagram post.

Lawal wondered why or what she does differently to warrant fans’ plea for her to join the porn industry. “Please oooh what do I wear that is different from what other people wear? How am I…

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Samuel Okechukwu
Samuel Okechukwu
13 days ago

Yes, why wouldn’t they, see you front as one already.

David Upaa
David Upaa
10 days ago

No go oo de day sha nah ur choice

Chiemerie Emmanuel
Chiemerie Emmanuel
8 days ago

That’s moyo lawal’s matter,her choice to make.

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