Couple arrested by police over death of first wife

Enugu State Police Command has stated it has started an investigation into the events surrounding the alleged murder of a woman by her husband and his second wife in the state. The state’s spokesman, SP Ebere Amaraizu, said on Friday in Enugu that the couple had been detained pending the outcome of an investigation.

Amaraizu said the incident occurred on January 26 at Amokofia Ukehe community in Igboetiti Local Government Area of the state. He added that the suspects (names withheld) were currently helping the police to ascertain why the woman was murdered. According to him, information has it that the deceased has been having a running battle with the husband and the second wife before the unfortunate incident. In a statement, he said that the deceased had been deposited at Atta Memorial Hospital, Aku in Igboetiti Local Government for autopsy.

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This brings to mind the unfortunate case of 35-year-old Tochukwu Chukwu, a diploma graduate of Petrochemical Engineering from Imo State University, IMSU, who was drilled by detectives over the circumstances that led to the untimely death of his precious wife, 32-year-old Joy, whose body was seen with a deep gash at the shoulder, neatly packaged inside a mini plastic drum, penultimate Wednesday, at their residence in Oshodi, Lagos.

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The trader in motor spare parts at the popular Ladipo market, Lagos was initially reticent over his plight but later, he opened up exclusively to Crime Guard. His startling narration of the events that led to the ugly incident and the aftermath is as puzzling as it is heartrending. I confronted her and she said the boy was just a casual friend. I was not comfortable with her explanation and I reminded her that whatever she would do now would tarnish my image because she had become my wife. According to him: “She had promised to change but I did not see any change. Honestly, I saw that as a challenge and vowed that I would do everything to satisfy her so that she would not have male friends. I made sure she came to my shop with my younger ones as a way of keeping her busy. In fact, if you ask my colleagues at the market, they were always taunting me for being the only person allowing his wife to freely stay in my shop.”

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He added: “Along the line, I noticed that she was still answering her calls secretly and I suspected her behaviour. I confronted her again and she opened up and told me that the boy’s name is Olowu and hey met one day when the motorcycle I bought for her had a problem and he assisted her. I then advised her to be very careful. I did not take serious action because of the love I had for her. However, early this year, she answered a call while in the shop and when I asked her the caller, she said i t was the same boy she referred to as a casual boyfriend. She told me he wanted her to see him at Maza-Maza. After noticing that she was very eager to go, I then allowed her but instructed that she must not stay more than three hours. Night out with a lover.

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“Shockingly she did not come back that day. The next day, she came back in the evening and when I confronted her, she knelt down, pleading that I should forgive her. I now asked her if she loved the man and she said it was fake love; that I was her real lover. She said she slept over in a hotel with the man because it rained. When I persistently asked her if they made love, she reluctantly agreed. That was what aroused my anger and I asked her if she would like to marry the man but she said no. I then told her that I would not marry her again.

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“She started begging me that I should not let members of her family, especially her widowed mother to hear what she did. Maybe, I made a mistake by allowing her to go but it was all because of the love I had for her. When she continued begging me, I assured her that I would not tell her mother. So, I did not let anybody know about it.”

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What an unfortunate turn of events, right?