Being single for 12 years with a son has been my toughest years — Adediwura Blarkgold – Vanguard News

By Ayo Onikoyi

It was not only Toyin Abraham and fiance, Kolawole Ajeyemi that were assailed with waves of congratulations on Thursday, Voluptuous Yoruba actress and mother of one, Adediwura Blarkgold was also overwhelmed with goodwill messages when she broke the news of her engagement with a video that has since gone viral brandishing her engagement ring.

The actress who has become popular with her son surprised many including Potpourri when she made the announcement. In several social media posts the ebony beauty has claimed that the only man in her life is her teenage son, giving no hint whatsoever that there may be a man pulling her chestnut out of the fire.

In a chat with Potpourri the actress opened up on the engagement and how her son comes into the details.

“Been single for 12 years with a son to cater for “alone” has been the toughest years so far. Honestly, it was terribly tough but I thank god today.  Sometimes, when I think of a day like now, I put my son into consideration first, being my priority. I find it difficult to take this bold step with a lot of phrases like What if,” she said.

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“I consider my son’s feelings, acceptance and love.  I had to wait till this time just for him to be of age and by God’s grace he will be 14 in 6 months.Also, I fought an internal battle within me for years trying to conquer the previous experiences that I had in my former marriage so as not to bring it to my future.  I just have to take this bold step having found someone I love totally. He helped me to kill the spirit of ‘I can’t’ move on’.  Thank god my son loves him and we all love him,” she added.

The Nollywood damsel, is in her forties  and a graduate of English from Lagos State University and has been acting since 2008. Her friends and fans call her the Blarkgold on account of a role she played at a point in her career.