10 Unbelievable People Who Married Animals

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1. The Man who got married to his Pony Pixel

The pony named Pixel was married by her owner Mark Matthews, in 1992.



2. A Balinese Teenager who married to a flirtatious cow

However, an 18 year old teenager named Ngurah Alit, from Bali, was caught having intercourse with a cow! When he was questioned, he claimed that the cow had flirted with him. So in the year 2010, he was forcefully married to the cow to maintain a Pecaruan ritual – which is a ceremony to cleanse the village of the unholy man-cow intercourse act. One would think the cow got its punishment for being flirty, eh?Β (Source)




3. Millionaire lady who married a Dolphin

Sharon Tendler, a millionaire, married the Dolphin, whom she lovingly named Cindy in December, 2006. She had however met the dolphin 15 years ago during her visit to an Israeli resort. She then kept visiting this resort two or three times a year to stay close to the dolphin. Finally after prolonged years of romance, she decided to go all the way and β€˜tie the knot’ with her beloved dolphin.Β (Source)



4. Indian guy married a dog to rid himself of a curse

A young man from India named Selva Kumar, was only 18 when he threw stones and brought death upon two dogs that were mating. Not just that, he also hung their dead bodies by a tree. He claims that since then, he had suffered great misfortune. His hands and legs were paralyzed out of the blue and he lost his hearing capabilities. He lived that way for fifteen long years, after which he sought the help of an astrologer to remove this β€œdog curse”. The astrologer advised him to get married to a dog; and this is what the guy did. He married a 10-year old bitch named Selvi in November, 2007. (source)


5. This German man married his asthmatic cat

In 2010, when the vets told him that his cat Cecelia won’t live longer because of its asthmatic condition, Uwe Mitzscherlich decided to marry her.Β (Source)



6. A 9 year old was married to a stray dog to ward off evil spirits

The villagers in an eastern part of India believed that an evil eye had befallen on this little 9 year old girl. This is why they got her married to a stray dog on June 11, 2003. The tribe also confirmed that she could resume her normal life in her later years and was also free to marry again later.Β (Source)



7. This man from Sudan married a goat

In the year 2006, a man from Sudan was forced to marry a goat and pay 15,000 Sudanese dinars as dowry, when his owner discovered that he was having sex with the goat.Β (Source)



8. Australian man married his beloved Labrador

At the age of 20, in 2010, an Australian man named Joseph Guio, married his Labrador who he says is his best buddy. He also claims that this marriage was β€œjust pure love”. He is also a religious man and said that this marriage β€œisn’t sexual”. (source)




9. Man married a dog for luck

In the year 2004, a 75-year old man from Nepal married a dog just for getting a stroke of good luck on his side. However, this ritual doesn’t seem to have worked, as he died just three days later.Β (Source)



10. Designer Karl Lagerfield expressed his desire to marry his cat

The designer got married to his cat, Choupette, in June 2013 at the age of 77. He said that he never thought it was possible to love a 22-month old cat as much as he had loved this one.Β (Source)



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